Waves of History. Bike Touring in Dobrogea

17 - Waves of History. Bike Touring in Dobrogea

Dobrogea is a land of wonder. Last year, we biked from Cernavodă to Brăila. We further explored it on our bike for Labor Day, a national holiday in Romania, cycling from Constanța to Babadag over 3 days. Squished between the Danube and the Black Sea, Dobrogea is, geologically speaking, the oldest part in Romania. The …

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Seasons of Cozia

6 - Seasons of Cozia

Cozia is a mountain that rises on the shores of the Olt river, in Vâlcea county, in the middle of Romania. Modest in height, Cozia is a natural wonder of deep forests, rocky butresses and hidden marvels. Towering the river valley by over 1000 meters, Cozia rises like a natural fortress of the Southern Carpathian …

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