Lazy Easter Monday in Hășmaș

On Easter Monday we drove to Hășmaș from Piatra Neamț, where we ate a huge dinner at Adelina’s parents and my in-laws. We started the hike from Bălan, a small mountain town at the foot of Hășmașul Mare massif, home to the well known Piatra Singuratică rock.

The mountains of Hășmaș are located in the Eastern Carpathians and encompass a wide range of landscapes: pastoral meadows, steep limestone cliffs, isolated rocks and debris cones. For people visiting central Romania, Hășmaș or Hășmașul Mare can be a great weekend destination, with its very accessible Piatra Singuratică hut, or can be incorporated into bold projects, such as the crossing the main ridge of the Eastern Carpathians.

Driving to Bălan, at the foot of Hășmaș, we passed through Cheile Bicazului Gorge, one of the most beautiful car-accessible gorges in the Carpathians. I have many beautiful childhood memories from the region, and I vividly remember a trip with my grandparents and parents to Lacul Roșu (“Red Lake”), when I first say the impressive limestone walls and towers of the gorge.

From Bălan, we hiked lazily to Piatra Singuratică hut. When we arrived, we were the only tourists there. It was a great feeling to have the whole mountain just to ourselves! We spread our clothes across the big room and climbed Piatra Singuratică rock formation (the “Lonely Rock”). Well, to be honest, Adelina only climbed halfway and got bored or cold, I don’t really know, and decided to go back to the hut and wait for dinner.

I took a few images from the top. In the distance, I could see the foggy silhouette of Ceahlău, the legendary mountain. At my feet, I could see the snow powdered spruce forest and a bird’s eye view of the hut. I had a beautiful moment with a lonely chamois, who spent minutes and minutes just looking at me. I wonder what what it thinking.

Feeling the rumble of hunger in my belly, I returned to the hut and ate a gorgeous dinner. As I was chopping wood, it began to snow lightly and got colder. With a nice fire in the iron stove we were warm and cozy in our very own room. We spent the evening reading or just staring at each other. We had a beautiful evening in nature, where we feel right at home.

Even though we just lazed around in Hășmaș, we were rich. Spent time in the middle of nature and breathed cold mountain air. We saw delicate flowers and listened to birds chirping happily. We knew that was what we were meant to have. That is what anybody needs to have. You need to go back to nature.

More images from the trip can be seen here, with captions in Romanian. Also, don’t forget to check the Adventures section, for inspiration on outdoor activities in my country.

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