I am a simple guy in love with nature at its best: mountains. As a Mountain Guide, they are, to me, a pinnacle of freedom. They are for those who kneel before their grandeur and rawness, so they can model a character. Mountains can bring you down with a swift wind, should they choose to, yet you always return to your concrete jungle with a special feeling in your heart and soul. Mountains are Mother Nature at her best.

Having discovered mountains at an early age, during hikes with my parents, outdoor activities have become the way for me. For the past few years, leaving the city for a climb or for a walk in the woods have been my weekly bread and butter. With bicycle touring, I learnt how man can embrace nature and live along it. Many rural areas in Romania stand proof of this. Bicycle touring opened my eyes to a world where man is not the enemy, but a servant of almighty forces of nature.

What I bring home are memories. Some of them are just for me. What I can share with you are mere images. Sadly, they cannot truly capture what you feel when you’re out there. They cannot capture the windchill on your skin or the smell of the flowers.

You have to get up and meet Nature for yourself. Get inspired with a wide range of outdoor adventures or create your own. If you’re looking for advice or company on travelling in Romania, on hiking, mountaineering or bicycle touring, I would love to chat.


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